Air Evac Lifeteam is increasing its coverage in Illinois with a new base in Harrisburg, Ill. Officials said the new base, which opened on August 4, will ensure even more residents in the region will have access to lifesaving medical care. The base, temporarily located at Harrisburg-Raleigh Airport, is the sixth Air Evac Lifeteam base in the state of Illinois. The Harrisburg base will eventually be located on the campus of Harrisburg Medical Center.

Air Evac Lifeteam is the nation’s largest independently owned and operated air medical service, and its crews provide on-the-scene medical care, rapid medical transport, and transfers between medical facilities. An Air Evac Lifeteam crew, which includes a registered nurse, paramedic and pilot, is on call at each base 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Seth Myers, president of Air Evac Lifeteam, said he is grateful for the support of Harrisburg Medical Center, the Harrisburg-Raleigh Airport, and the community.

“We are proud to be a part of Harrisburg, and especially to work with area hospitals and EMS agencies,” Myers said.

Rodney Smith, president and CEO of Harrisburg Medical Center, said the hospital is proud to be associated with Air Evac.

“They have a great reputation and fit well in our mission to serve southeastern Illinois,” Smith said. “Having an air ambulance on site will expedite care that needs to be provided at hospitals that specialize in certain areas. Having an organization such as Air Evac that wants to partner with Harrisburg Medical Center will only enhance our ability to serve our patients as the regional medical center in southeastern Illinois.”

Brad Henshaw, chairman of the Harrisburg-Raleigh Airport Authority, is pleased to welcome Air Evac Lifeteam to its new temporary base at the Harrisburg-Raleigh Airport.

“For more than 60 years, Harrisburg-Raleigh Airport has served the southeastern Illinois community and was Illinois Airport of the Year in 2008,” Henshaw said. “We’re proud that Air Evac Lifeteam chose us to help provide a much-needed service to our community.”

Tracy Felty, director of Saline County E-911, recognizes the need for helicopter air ambulance services in southeastern Illinois.

“We often have major incidents where the patient(s) needs to be in a Level I trauma center, which can take up to an hour or longer by ground to arrive at these locations in Evansville, Cape Girardeau, St. Louis, or a burn unit in Indianapolis,” Felty said.

Air Evac Lifeteam currently operates 129 bases in 15 states. For more information, please visit, or like us on Facebook.

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